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Vance Entertainment has created an Intern program in technical theater that offers practical hands-on experience working directly with theatrical designers, technicians, and professionals in their respective fields.  Technical Theater Internships are general in nature, but will be focused in either theatrical carpentry, scenic painting, or prop construction while working on a specific musical theater production build which lasts twelve weeks. The program is designed for interns who are planning on majoring in Technical Theater in college or planning a professional career in the technical theater and are looking to gain experience. Interns can apply to work on multiple productions in a row; however, they must do a formal interview and present a portfolio of their work, while applying for each period. The number of interns accepted each quarter will depend on the demands of the show being built during that time. Maximum number of interns a quarter is twelve (12).

LOCATION: Vance Entertainment’s Scenic Shop is located at the intersection of North Tryon Street and 32nd Street. The address is 2920 North Tryon Street. The warehouse is located adjoining the loading dock in the rear of the property.

HOURS: Interns can work their hours at any time between: ·        

Monday 2:30PM -9:00PM

Tuesday 2:30PM -9:00PM

Wednesday 2:30PM -9:00PM

Thursday 2:30PM -9:00PM

Friday 2:30PM -9:00PM

Saturday 9:00AM -9:00PM

Sunday 12:00P -9:00PM

Interns must work a minimum of 16 hours a week; they also must select the hours they will be working one week prior to the work week. Every Monday, interns are required to make their schedule for the following week. Interns that complete the 16 hours a week program for three months will receive a stipend of $400 dollars. Only interns that work the required 16hour a week program will receive the stipend.

BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM: This program is setup to provide the opportunity to gain practical experience working along professional, as well as build a portfolio of work experience to help gain entrance into college. Interns will be overseen and monitored by industry professionals. Periodic meetings will be held to help guide the intern and push them toward success. An internship is a great way to find out if a job in technical theater is what they really want and this experience will let them know if they are on the right track for their chosen career path. Interns will be able to take the skills they learn and apply them back at their high school. Interns that complete an internships will receive a letter of recommendation from the Technical Director.

Internships are twelve (12) consecutive weeks in length.

Internships require a minimum of 16 hours per week for three months at a time.

Total minimum of hours required is 192 hours. Interns get to set their own schedule, as long as they give their schedule one week prior. Interns’ duties will vary based on skill level and production needs.

At the end of the Internship, each Intern will receive a stipend of $400. Prospective interns should carefully evaluate their individual financial situations when applying to the program.

The internships are a serious commitment, if an intern does not meet the 16 hours per week minimum, they have a right to make up the missed hours in the following week, in addition to the hours required for the next week.

Interns must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the worksite. The scene shop is located at 2920 N. Tryon where there is a bus stop.


Creating a portfolio of your work with photos and description of your work, to show colleges and area theaters you skill sets.

Learning proper Scene Shop operations and safety requirements.

Learning proper use of carpentry tools, scenic painting techniques and other theatrical skills.

Developing relationships with industry professionals who will serve as mentors and practice networking skills.

Building a large budget professional touring set.


An active shop that needs committed individuals. The work encompasses many facets of scenic and prop design, procurement and construction. Interns will complete carpentry, metal work, sculpture, painting, and props projects as well as interpret designs through research and shopping. Budgeting, bookkeeping and management skills will be addressed, as will interdepartmental communications and cooperation. Other duties include assisting with the maintenance of our shop inventory. Applicants should be familiar with basic shop tools and a little curious. Opportunities abound to develop skills in multiple crafts areas. Under the guidance of the Scenic Charge, the scene painting work is production based and includes: budgeting, sample process, layout, typical scenic painting & techniques; for example, drops, soft goods, hard scenery, textures, faux finishes and sculpting. Paint shop maintenance and safety are also part of the daily routine.

To apply to The Vance Entertainment Internship Program each candidate must submit the following:

1.) Resume.

2.) A personal statement of at least 300 words describing the candidate’s expectations of the Internship Program and how it relates to his or her individual career goals.

3.) One letter of reference describing candidate’s work ethic, evaluation of theatrical technical skill sets, and, if applicable, an evaluation of design abilities. (Can be sent separately)

4.) Proof of health insurance.

​ 5.) On-site Interview.

Deadline to apply is Monday, March 6, 2017, with notification of acceptance by the end of March 2017. Applicants being considered will be given a time slot for an interview. Interviews will be conducted during March. Internships will start Friday, April 2017.

Michael Vance, Manager, c/o Vance Entertainment, LLC  360 North Caswell Road, Charlotte, NC 28204 Or via email Michael.Vance@VanceEntertainment.com

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